Welcome to the P&C


Hi and welcome to the P&C pages of the Mundaring Primary School website. We hope you find plenty of information to help you understand the role of the P&C at our wonderful school.


How to get involved:

  • Attend a P&C Meeting. See more below!
  • Support our fundraising activities - gathering supplies, preparing, manning stalls, cleaning up etc.  All proceeeds go directly back to the school!
  • Volunteer in the Canteen
  • Make suggestions and share your ideas on our P&C Facebook site.
  • Advertise or encourage local businesses you frequent to join in our Advertising Directory
  • Join the P&C in an official role (keep reading below)


Every little bit makes our school just that much better!



P&C Meetings

General Meetings are held twice per term in the library.

Checkout the Website Calendar for dates and times. 

Come along and be part of the action!!


 The Mundaring Primary School P&C comprises:

  • parents and guardians of children attending the school
  • interested persons over the age of 18 years who have paid an annual subscription of $1


We VOLUNTEER our time to raise funds to help the school pay for learning resources and school structures. This benefits all students at our school.


The aim of the P&C Association is to promote the school through:

  • Co-operation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community
  • Assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school
  • Encouraging communication, cooperation and participation within the school community
  • Encouraging participation in the school's educational policy
  • Providing a forum for discussion of school issues and gathering opinions
  • Fostering of community interest in education matters


At Mundaring Primary School, the P&C is interested in actively promoting a strong and vibrant school community with open, transparent lines of communication and the ability to provide our children with a first-class learning environment.


The success of the P&C depends on the involvement of parents and the wider school community.  A successful P&C can add immeasurably to the success and appeal of school through ensuring that students have access to the best resources available and that parents are both informed and have a voice.


All members of the school community are welcomed and encouraged to get involved in the P&C.  This does not necessarily mean that you have to take on an official role. 



Why should you join in the P&C?

  • rewarding involvement
  • assists to keep up with their child/children
  • opportunity for personal development
  • sharing in the school community
  • keeping abreast with educational changes
  • the feeling you have made a difference
  • can provide positive self-esteem 
  • enhances self-respect
  • good environment to meet people
  • want an opportunity to influence
  • get to know teachers/principal 
  • opportunity to share expertise
  • part of a large decision-making group
  • helps link school & community
  • networking can develop opportunities


What can you expect at a P&C meeting?


P&C meetings are a chance to find out about things going on at the school, things that might impact on your child and their education as well as a chance to raise any suggestions or concerns about the school generally.


We run our meetings according to a code of conduct that ensures:

  • We respect each other and everyone’s opinions at all times.
  • All votes are equal and it is the collective that makes the decisions.
  • The agenda will be enforced at all times. 
  • We stick to the point. 
  • P&C Committee will delegate when needed. 
  • The minutes, agenda and any reports must be delivered in writing to all members 7 days prior to the meeting. 
  • This is a meeting, not a coffee circle.
  • It is our right to object constructively.
  • Volunteer only when you can carry through.
  • We finish on time.


 Your involvement is essential for your P&C to achieve its best.  

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to one of our P&C meetings or activities.


The P&C can be contacted via secretary@MPSPC.org or by attending General Meetings which are scheduled twice a term

(refer to the website or App calendar for dates and times)