P&C Committee

The P&C can be contacted via mundaringpc@gmail.com

or by attending General Meetings which are scheduled twice a term (usually weeks 2 & 8).


2018 P&C Committee Members


President - Claudia Peet 

Vice President - Kate Pether

Treasurer - Yvonne Chow

Secretary - Dan Ferguson


Executive Committee

Tanisha Wright

Erandi Parish

Amanda Welschbillig


Auxiliary (Fundraising) Committee

Ashleigh Flynn (Auxilliary Coordinator)

Merrilee Caravelli
Lucy Polich
Melissa Cramer
Mira Schaal
Dulsey Nienaber


Canteen Committee

Zoe Neill (Convenor & Manager)

Tanisha Wright

Coralee Gibson

Kate Pether


Uniform Shop Committee

Marisa Groenewald (Uniform Coordinator)


Publicity (Web & Social Media) 

Amanda Welschbillig


School Council Rep - Stephanie Curtis

WACSSO Rep - Yvonne Chow