Mardo Reserve


Mardo Reserve (formerly Noblewood Estate Reserve) is a 1.7 hectare block of native vegetation adjacent to the Mundaring Primary School in the Perth Hills. Named after a local native marsupial, it was adopted by the school as a suitable place to conduct an environmental education project. A State NRM grant received by the school in 2013 initiated a much larger works program, allowing students to continue enhancing the environmental values by planting local native shrubs, building nest boxes for local wildlife, and conducting biological monitoring to investigate what animals live in the reserve.


This website aims to provide information about Mardo Reserve, emphasise the importance of the students’ role in environmental work, and inspire others to conduct similar projects in their area.

The various pages are set out in a story format, with the following structure:

               A Home in the Forest describes the bushland environment of Mardo Reserve.

               Animal Inhabitants introduces some of the fauna present.

               Healthy Habitats provides information on how environments become damaged, and what can be done to restore them.

               Weeds make you SICK! describes some of the weed species present and how they were removed.

               Restoration tells the story of the turnaround: what the students did to begin regenerating the bush.

               Hollow Homes introduces the different types of nest boxes present and describes which species they are designed for.

               Meeting the Animals is about the trapping surveys conducted with the students to learn more about animals.

               Mardo News is the website’s blog which contains news updates on what is happening at the reserve (COMING SOON).

              About Us introduces the people involved in this project.

Click on one of the above links to start exploring and learning. Have fun!

Taking ownership of small areas of natural bushland, whether they are in your backyard, local park or school grounds, is a great way to learn about your surroundings, make a positive contribution to the environment and community, and keep physically active and mentally healthy.