School Chaplain

Hi my name is Shaun Reichenbach and I am the School Chaplain. I provide pastoral care to the Mundaring Primary School community.


I am available to provide support, encouragement, care and guidance during times of need. One on one appointments are available for students and parents who are struggling with a variety of social and emotional issues such as friendship and relational problems, family issues, self esteem issues, behaviour management etc.


A large part of my Chapliancy role is to facilitate social/emotional programs at school and small group sessions with students, including providing mediation for students who are struggling with ongoing friendship problems. Resources and referrals to external agencies can also be provided through the Chaplaincy Service.  


If you would like to contact me please leave a message at the front office or feel free to pop into my office (Room 16 - near the basketball courts) on my days at school (Mondays & Wednesdays). Referral Forms are also available from the office or your child’s teacher.


I hope I am able to help you or your children while you are at Mundaring Primary School.


Mr Shaun Reichenbach

School Chaplain




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