September 19, 2019
Game-Maker Challenge Update

Isla, Paige and Olivia have been working hard creating their game Rubbish Run. Their game is based on Monopoly, and the girls wanted to make the game players more aware of rubbish, recycling and protecting the envrionment. Their Chance

cards have messages such as 'you littered, go to jail' and ýou recycled, go forward three steps'. The girls have found the hardest aspect of the project is working in groups and trying to get all group members to listen to each other. The best thing was making the game. The girls still have to finalise their playing pieces, which they are printing on the 3D Printer, finish writing their Community Chest and Chance card and print the rules. ​

Toby, Liam and Damon have based their game on the alltime favourite, Checkers. Redesigning their game Plastic Checkers, the aim is to collect plastic tokens, such as plastic bottles and plastic bags. The checker pieces, as well as jumping over their opponents tokens, can also jump over plastic . The player who collects the most plastic throughout the game wins. The boys feel that their game teaches the players the value of recycling. The boys found trying to select a game and give it an environmental awareness spin the hardest asopect of the game making process. They found best thing about the game making process was painting the checkerboard.

Next week we will be taking part in some game play to test our game designs! 

- Miss L