2022 Class Structure & Parent Requests

Planning for 2022 is underway and it's that time of year again when parents have the opportunity to request a class placement for the new year.

2022 Class Structure
As at the time of writing this article, we anticipate an enrolment of 320 students for the start of 2022, with fewer children in early childhood but a few more than usual in primary years.

Based upon current anticipated enrolments, we are looking at running the following class structure for next year:

  • 2x Kindy Classes
  • 1x Pre-Primary Class
  • 2x Year 1 Classes
  • 2x Year 2 Classes
  • 2x Year 3/4 Classes
  • 1x Year 4/5 Class
  • 1x Year 5 Class
  • 2x Year 6 Class

N.B. Anticipated enrolments may change at any time up to and including the first week of Term 1, which may impact on the planned class structure.

Parent Placement Requests
Parent are invited to submit a request via e-mail to Mr Larkin for placement into a specific class by Monday 6th December 2021.

Requests for specific teachers will not be accepted but requests based upon the following criteria are welcomed:

  • Class Type (eg: Straight or Split)
  • Social Reasons (eg: with/not with specific peers)

While every effort will be made to support parent requests, the final class placement of a student will be at the discretion of the Principal.


Paul Larkin