Hut Building Incursion

On Thursday, November 11, the Pre-Primary and Year 1 students took park in a hut building incursion…

Educated by Nature came visited the Pre Primary and Year 1 students, providing the students the opportunity to connect with nature through play. The students were taught simple knot tying skills and were able to build huts in small teams. After the incursion, the Year 1 students were asked to write a recount. Here is some of their work:

Today we went hut building with Brody and Harvey. We built a cool cubby.  

Today, me and Ellie and Charli did hut building. We put some sticks and a rope and made a cubby house. We played in the cubby house like a team. We had to pack it up. It was soooo muuuuch fun.
- Elme

On Thursday we did hut building on the oval with Maya. We made 2 cubbies each.
- Marissa

On Thursday the 11th of November 2021 Year 1 Room1 and Year 1 Room 2 made huts in threes. Me, Annabelle and Else were a group. Firstly, we had to get three sticks and we had to drag the sticks upside down so the colour is on the floor so we won’t hurt anyone. Then we had to get lots of pegs and ropes. Lastly we had to get two blankets and peg it on top of the cubby. I had so much fun.
- Haylen

On Thursday the 11/11/21 we went hut building. First, we learnt to tie knots and learn how to make it stable. Next, we started to build our cubbyhouse. Then we were getting all of the materials we needed and pegs and ropes and maybe sticks and stick holders. Finally, we made two cubbies and joined them to make one. Then it was time to pack up and knock it down, then we went to class. IT WAS SOOO FUN!!!
- Rachel

Lastly, a photo of the incredible recounts we saw in the office this afternoon!

- Miss L