School Athletics Carnival

The Faction Athletics Carnival is on this week, check out all the details here.

The school's faction athletics carnival commences with the Jumps, Throws and Distance races taking place on Tuesday 7th and the main carnival on Friday 10th September. 

This of course is dependent on the weather and, while we had to change the Jumps & Throws day to Tuesday, I am hopeful that the weather forecast remains favourable for Friday. If there is a change, I will notifiy you via the app. 

All parents and friends are welcome to attend the carnival but we do ask that while the children are in our care, parents remain in the designated seating areas.

You can see the 2021 Schedule of Events below but please bear in mind that the times are approximate and some flexibility is required (ie: get here early so you don't miss your child's events!).

A list of events and competitors will be posted on the Library windows today.

See you all at here.


Mr Paul Larkin