DRG Program Change

As part of our ongoing school review process and following recent staff discussions, the school has decided to cancel the Developmental Reading Groups (DRG) program and revert to a class based Integrated Literacy program in all primary years from this term.

While the DRG program has certainly provided significant benefits to the students at Mundaring PS over the years, there are costs and benefits to all things and it is the opinion of the staff that over the last couple of years, the costs were beginning to outweigh the benefits.

One of the key benefits of DRG in previous years resulted from our ability to plan for smaller sized groups in junior, middle and upper primary DRG which supported an improved student/staff ratio for lower achieving students. With recent increases in student enrolments and the subsequent increase in class sizes across the school, we have found that providing smaller groups for our students at educational risk has not been possible and therefore reduced the impact of this previously key benefit.

Staff also felt that one of the costs of the DRG program has been the separation of Reading from the other English substrands (Writing, Spelling, Speaking and Listening) which has led to lower levels of integration in classroom literacy programs.  The move back to a class based literacy program will allow classroom teachers to develop more fully integrated programs incorporating all strands of the English Curriculum while still providing differentiated support for all developmental levels and abilities.

If you wish to know more about this change, please feel free to contact your  child’s teacher and/or a member of the admin team.

Mr Paul Larkin