2021 Class Placement Requests - UPDATED

Following on from my news article last week, we have some great news regarding our enrolments and class structure for next year.

As parents may recall, at this time last week, anticipated student enrolments for 2021 were less than expected at 304, and the school was at risk having to reduce the number of classes to 12. 

The good news is that in the first three days of this week, we enrolled an additional 11 students, bringing our anticipated enrolments to 315, thus ensuring we maintain the current 13 class structure. All testament to the power of the media ;>)   

I am therefore now able to confirm the class structure we anticipate running next year will include:

Early Childhood -  1x Kindy; 2x Pre-Primary
Forrest Block - 2x Yr 1; 1x Yr 2; 1x Yr 2/3
Jacoby Block - 1x Yr 3; 1x Yr 3/4; 1x Yr 4/5
O'Connor Block - 1x Yr 5; 2x Yr 5/6

N.B. This structure is subject to change.

Parents are invited to submit a class placement request for their child(ren). Class placement requests can only be for educational reasons (eg: split or straight grade, special needs etc) or social reasons (with special friends , not with certain peers etc). 

Please note that the school will not accept requests for specific teachers and while all efforts will be made to support parent requests, the school reserves the right to make the final placement decision.

Requests must be presented to Mr Larkin in writing (e-mail or letter) by 3pm on Friday 4th Dec.


Mr Paul  Larkin