Containers for Change

The school has launched the 'Containers for Change' program, aimed at raising funds for the school while saving the planet!

This extremely important program provides exciting opportunities for schools like ours to raise much-needed funds, as well as showing a commitment to the environment and encouraging better recycling behaviours in the community. 

The school has teamed up with the Shire Of Mundaring to collect eligible containers made of glass, plastic, aluminium, steel and paper based cartons (refer pic below) which will then be taken to a recycling depot for counting and subsequent payment of 10c per container!

This could be a veritable gold mine for the school's budget and provide much needed resources for the many programs we run at school. The program has started with two large bins in the undercover area which will be collected and counted every fortnight. 

With parent support, we should be able to increase this to at least 4 bins per fortnight, so please get behind this terrific initiative and bring in your empties each week.

Find out more about the Containers for Change program by clicking on the pics below.


Mr Paul Larkin