HEC Science Challenge

Three very gifted and talented members of our senior school took part in the Hills Education Community Science Challenge this week and really showed how well we are going with Science at MPS.

On Wednesday 19th August, Charlie Srisukkham, Jonathon Zlatnik and Austin Dayman represented Mundaring Primary at the annual Science Challenge held at Sawyers Valley Primary School.

Held during Science Week, this year the Science Challenge explored the real-world problem of the MV Wakashio, a Japanese bulk carrier, that ran aground on a coral reef in Mauritius on July 25, spilling 1,000 tonnes of oil into the pristine environment. The students undertook several challenges based around the 5Es teaching and learning model: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate.

Task One saw the students build a simple model of a water habitat using lettuce (to represent flora), feathers and wool (to represent fauna) and rocks (to represent an island/coastline). They then had to pour oil into it to observe the effects the oil had upon land, water and wildlife. 

For Task Two, the students had to conduct a fair test to determine what would happen in a simulated oil spill using materials such as feather, paper-towel, sponges, shredded wheat and sting to clean it up. The students had to determine their independent, dependent and control variables, as well as present their results in a table and graph. 

Task Three involved the students pretending they had been contracted to investigate the best way to clean up an oil spill. They had to budget their equipment and had to remove as much oil as they could from a tub of oil and water. Points were awarded by the percentage of oil removed.

The Mundaring team did really well in all tasks, taking out second place for the event from a total of 11 schools.

Well done to Charlie, Jonathon and Austin for their scientific skills and knowledge.

Miss Jonelle Lorantas
Year 6 Teacher