ECE Improvements Completed

The new Shade Sails and Softfall have been installed in the ECE and wow they look just terrific!

Thanks to some great work by the school's Facilities Manager and subcontractors, planned improvements in the ECE area have now been completed, enhancing both safety and fun for our youngest children.

The first project involved the installation of shade sails above one end of the race track to provide shade as the children wait for their turn on the track. The sails cost the school $10,000 and it was money well spent, they look absolutely amazing. 

The second project to be completed was the replacement of old softfall under the playground equipment. The older softfall was not only fairly well worn and patched, it was starting to become an issue with students hurting themselves as they fell on it.

The new softfall is much safer and looks so much better in the three faction colours. The softfall cost $28,000 which was funded jointly by the Department of Education and school on a 50/50 basis.

All in all, the projects were completed in good time and really well.

All we need to do now is refurbish the lawn around the site so the kids can play safely on some nice, new grass.


Mr Paul Larkin