Developmental Reading Groups (DRG)

For quite a few years now the school has been running DRG (Developmental Reading Groups) and we often get asked about this, so .... here's the answer!

The DRG (Developmental Reading Groups) program involves changes to the way teachers group and teach students within their phases of development. Prior to implementing the program, each class teacher would teach reading to a single class of students, requiring them to teach to a wide range of ability and developmental need, which in some cases could be as much as 7 years!

The DRG program resolves many of the issues associated with attempting to teach to such a wide range of ability levels and helps teachers provide a more targeted program. Students benefit by working with peers of a similar level of reading development and by being presented with work at a level at which they can achieve success and demonstrate growth.

In 2021, the DRG program operates for the first hour of each day from Monday to Thursday and includes all students from Year 3 to Year 6. Groups are established within Jacoby Block (Yr 3 & Yr 4) and O’Connor Block (Yr 5 & Yr 6).   

Students are placed into one of these groups based upon their developmental level as determined by standardised reading testing and teacher judgements (eg: grades). This will mean for example that each of the Jacoby Block reading groups will have a mixture of Year 3 and Year 4 students based upon their developmental level and not simply their age.

While the program supports lower achieving readers by placing them in a group with less students and more support, higher achieving students also benefit from working with peers of similar high ability in a more challenging classroom environment.   

Teachers are allocated to each group and focus on the specific needs of the children within that group. This will mean that a child’s Literacy Group teacher may be different to their regular classroom teacher.

Opportunities are provided throughout the year for students to move to different groups based upon teacher judgements and following regular reviews of the groupings.

The DRG program will commence in Week 6 of Term 1, following a few weeks where the teachers will be getting to know the students in a home classroom setting.

If any parent would like further information regarding the DRG program, I would be happy to discuss it with you the telephone or in person at school.


Paul Larkin
8th February 2021