Coronavirus Update (2/4/20)

The Department of Education sector has established plans and a team to support principals and schools and it is important that as a school community we apply common sense, factual information and a practical approach to responding to COVID-19.

The following is the latest information the school has made available to parents with some other useful links.

2nd April 2020

School Playgrounds Closed
Following a directive from the Department of Education, we have closed off access to the school’s playground equipment due to the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The equipment has been taped off and signs placed on all items.

While we will manage this for the remainder of the school term, parents are also advised not to allow their children to use this equipment out of school hours.

31st March 2020

Term 1 - Weeks 9 & 10
As parents will all be aware, the State Government has asked all parents who are able, to keep their children at home for the remainder of Term 1. We are however open for business and currently have a number of students attending school whose parents are not able to keep them at home. 

To support these students, we have amalgamated classes into ECE, Junior, Middle and Upper primary groups and teachers are still providing as regular a program as possible given the circumstances.

With regards to work while at home, the Department of Education has stated that schools will not be able to provide work packages for children whose parents choose to withdraw them from school. 

I have however advised my staff to offer advice and possible links to on-line resources during this time. I have also set up a new web page on our school site with ideas to support parents with work to complete while their kids are at home. I trust this helps.

Term 2 Contingency Planning 
During this week and next, we will be working on contingency planning for a possible school closure in Term 2, where we will provide Teaching and Learning Plans and Resource Packs via the Learning At Home Portal on our website.

These plans will include weekly lesson outlines for each year level in the core areas of English, Maths, HASS & Science as well as ideas and strategies for non-core subjects such as Art, Music, PE & LOTE.  Resource packs will also be made available in hard copy format from the front office.

We anticipate having this ready to go for the start of Term 2, if school's are closed, and will advise parents of a suitable time to pick up student book resources early next week.        

Mr Paul Larkin

26th March 2020 - From the Director General Of Education

Today, the Government has announced all public schools in Western Australia will remain open until the end of term – Thursday, 9 April 2020.


However, families are now encouraged to keep their children at home if they have the capacity to do so.  The Department’s learning from home resources are available to them. (Click HERE)


What this means for your school is:

  • From Monday, 30 march to Friday, 3 April all children who attend school will be taught as normal.
  • The following week (6 to 9 April) teachers and education assistants will prepare teaching programs for Term 2.
  • During this time (6 to 9 April), students who attend school will be supervised.


The Government recognises there will still be families who need to send their children to school to continue their learning during this period.  These may include:

  • Children of parents and carers who need their children to attend school to maintain employment.
  • Children who live in families with aged relatives.
  • Children where it is safer for them to be at school.


Lisa Rodgers

Director General


Department of Education Website - The DOE COVID-19 site is regularly updated with education specific information.

Department of Health Website - Up to date information on all things related to COVID-19 can be found at this important site.

Video Clip - This terrific YouTube clip from Dr Chris Blyth, Head of Infectious Diseases at Perth Children's Hospital, has really good Perth specific information for all parents.

This information will be updated as and when new data is provided by the Department of Education and Department of Health.