School App - Issues Reported

I have received a number of concerns raised by parents regarding the app the school uses (‘Updat-ed’) to communicate with parents and advise of updates to the school website.

Concerns relate to parents not being able to install the app and, if installed, with parents not receiving ‘push notifications’ that are sent out by the school.

I have reported many of these issues to the school’s website/app provider (Sponsor Ed) who have informed me that they are developing a major upgrade to the app which will address these problems. I am reliably informed that this upgrade will be available for the start of Term 2 (28th April).

Until then, and to ensure key messages get out to parents, I will be sending home a Newsflash whenever I update the school’s website.

I thank you for your patience and hope it will all be resolved by the start of next term.

Mr Paul Larkin