New Painting & Lawn --- CHECK!

The school has been freshly painted, the new lawn has been laid and oh what a difference it makes!

Thanks to a special maintenance grant from the State Government as well as a funds from the Department of Education, we have finally managed to complete two projects that have long been in the pipeline.

The school has had a major facelift with all external timbers freshly painted during the holidays. Since the last time this happened was when the school was built, I am happy to say not only does it look much better, it also ensures the timbers will last a whole lot longer.

Parents visiting the school will also have noticed that we have had new retaining, reticulation and roll on lawn put in over the holidays as well. This resolves an issue that has been a problem for longer than I've been at MPS and will provide a wonderful space for students to play and for the school community to gather for outdoor events throughout the year.

The total cost of these two projects was $90,000, with half being paid by the Department of Education and the other half being paid by a special State Government grant. 

All on all, a terrific result.  

Mr Paul Larkin