School Holiday Facelift

Thanks to a WA Government Grant and some additional funding from the Department of Education, the school will be having some much needed and long overdue maintenance work done during the break.  

The school has arranged to have all external timbers painted, including all posts, beams, gable ends and other areas that have not been repainted in over 20 years. The work is expected to be completed in January and all finished by the start of the new school year.

The refurbishment of the lawn area between Jacoby Block and the new undercover area extension will also go ahead in January including:
  • the exisiting lawn being removed
  • retaining work done to raise the level on the lower slope of the lawn
  • new soil laid to allow better drainage
  • new roll-on turf laid
  • new automatic reticulation installed
The great news is that not only will this make the area far better for students to play on and for us to hold outdoor events, it will also cut down on the work our gardener has to do currently with moving sprinklers all throughout summer.

I know this work will enhance both the look and functionality of the school and I just can't wait to see it completed.


Mr Paul Larkin