NAPLAN Results

As parents would have heard in the media, the 2019 NAPLAN summary report has been made public and contains very positive outcomes for Western Australia.

Key Results
These results are for all WA schools although they are indicative of public school results due to the large number of students involved. They are also subject to change before the final results are released.

Year 3: WA achieved its highest ever mean scores in Numeracy, Reading, Writing and Grammar & Punctuation

Year 5: WA achieved its highest ever mean scores in Numeracy and Writing

Year 7: WA results were close to the Australian mean in all areas.

Year 9: WA mean scores were higher than the Australian means in all Year 9 assessments. (Ranked 1st in Numeracy and Writing; 2nd in Reading; 3rd in Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation

Performance against National Minimum Standard 

Year 9 percentages at or above national minimum standard were higher than the Australian percentages in all assessments. 

Year 3, 5 and 7 percentages at or above national minimum standard across all tests were within 1.2 percentage points of the Australian percentages. 

WA remains the “most improved jurisdiction” in Australia.

WA had the highest number of improved mean scores of any State, (16 out of 20 assessments) when comparing 2019 results to the base year; 2011 for Writing and 2008 for all other tests.

Between 2018 and 2019, there was significant improvement in the means in Year 3 and Year 5 Writing. 

Western Australia continues to have one of the best participation rates and lowest withdrawal rates across all year groups.

Mundaring PS NAPLAN Results

The school expects to receive student reports and school NAPLAN data soon and will advise parents once we receive them.

Mr Paul  Larkin

(State data provided by DOE WA)