New Faction Names Announced

As advised in the Term 3 Newsletter and in our recent news section of this website, the school has renamed our three sports factions just in time for our Term 3 sports carnivals.

Following discussions with the school staff and parents, the consensus was that our exisiting faction names (Red, Green, Blue) lacked imagination and originality and we could do much better.

We decided to create new faction names that were in keeping with our local environment as well as being supportive of the school's aboriginal cultural awareness programs. 

The following new faction names were announced at the assembly this morning to huge applause from the children, staff and parents alike.

The new faction names are:

Koolbardi (Magpie) = Blue Faction

Marloo (Red Kangaroo) = Red Faction

Kwenda (Bandicoot) = Green Faction

Now all we have to do it get the kids to come up with some new chants before sports day!


Mr Paul Larkin