Harvest Time at MPS

Famous Fives Garden Harvest

With the beautiful sunny days we have had this term, the school vegetable gardens have been springing to life and so, on Monday 29th July, the 'Famous Fives' in Room 13 were able to harvest the bok choy and spring onions planted last term to cook up a vegetable stir-fry.

The vegies first had to be pulled from the garden and cleaned of soil and a few pesky snails which decided to get in on the act early. Students then added these to a number of other vegetables and prepared them, by peeling and chopping them to add to the frying pans.

Stir frying really is a delicious and healthy way to consume vegetables and there’s nothing like freshly picked sweet garden produce, cooked before the sugars have a chance to turn to starch.

Finally the most important part of the whole process – the clean-up and of course - the eating!

From start to finish, the students worked wonderfully as a team helping each other.

We have placed some photos from the activity in our photo gallery webpage.


Richard Tonkin
Room 13 Class Teacher

Cooking From Our Garden

The children in Pre-Primary (Room 17) have been very busy planting vegetables in our gardens and the time had finally arrived where we needed to harvest our produce. 

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Room 17 Staff