Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework

As part of the School’s commitment to support the implementation of the DOE Aboriginal Cultural Standards Framework (ACSF), we have developed a Directions Statement which outlines the planned strategies and actions to be undertaken at the school in 2019/20.


The school has a range of relevant programs and strategies currently in use which support the ACSF including displaying the Aboriginal Flag in the undercover area, using the Acknowledgement of Country for major school events (eg: ANZAC, Concerts, Graduation), Classroom activities (HASS), Staff Professional Learning, Excursions and Special Days activities (eg: Harmony Day, NAIDOC Week etc).


In 2019/20 the school intends to further embed the principles of the ACSF through the use of the following new initiatives and strategies:

  • Acknowledgement of Country text to be placed on permanent display in the undercover area.
  • School factions and banners to be renamed with aboriginal animal names.
  • At least one whole school visit per year will include an aboriginal component. (eg: Music visit, Artist in Residence).
  • The school will celebrate NAIDOC and Reconciliation Weeks through whole school themes and activities each year. (eg: Noongar Wadjak language lessons, local storytellers).   
  • Purchase of new ATSL themed reading resources for use in classroom programs.
Further details of these new initiatives will be announced at the next  assembly on Friday 9th August (Week 3).  

Mr Paul Larkin