Library Upgrade - WOW!

Regular visitors to the school may have noticed lots of hustle and bustle around the library in the last week of Term 2 but it was all for a good cause.

Thanks to an amazing donation of more than $20,000 (yes, that is correct!)worth of near new shelving from the Department of Parks and Wildlife, our library has had a facelift.

The new shelving replaces timber shelves that were installed when the school was built 26 years ago and as you can see from the pictures, it looks absolutely amazing. 

Of course this kind of thing doesn't just happen and so I would like to thank Dianne and Alan Rhodes for their efforts in collecting, transporting, delivering and installing the new shelves alongside Marg Solig, Nerida Zlatnik, Kelly Reader, Emma Brown and Oscar Brown.

Mrs Brown has also spent considerable amounts of additional time re-shelving books and making the new library look brand new. If you haven't been down to the school library for a while, come down for a visit and check out our new look.

Mr Paul Larkin