Waste Wise Audit

During week five of this term, a number of classes participated in the inaugural Mundaring Primary School Waste Audit to further our commitment as an accredited Waste Wise school.


Classes participated in groups of two, an older and younger class together for an hour after lunch each day. Working together we collected, collated and classified the contents of our lunch area bins into 12 different categories. The collaboration between year groups and the brilliant questions and discussions that came from the audit process was inspiring.

The main categories the waste was classified into are, in order of most prevalent (average):


  • Snack wrappers (muesli bars, chip packet etc.) – 93 pieces daily
  • Soft plastics (plastic wraps, zip-lock bags etc.) – 44 pieces daily
  • Fruit scraps – 1 kilogram daily
  • Whole unopened food – 0.5 pieces daily
  • Plastic bottles, tetra packs and containers – 24 pieces daily
  • Paper and cardboard – 0.6 kilogram daily.


Our results were spectacular, with just over 340 students at MPS, each day we totalled less than one piece of waste per student, including on a canteen day with the highest total reached all week at 296 pieces across the 12 categories. Our students worked together to form ideas to combat this waste and overall our 3 biggest suggestions were:


  1. Try to bring reusable containers, instead of single use packets and wrappers.
  2. Try to say no to single use plastics.
  3. Use alternatives such as beeswax wraps.

The highlight of this process was to see the students so interested and impassioned about waste as well as protecting and preserving our environment. The ideas and discussions that were had over the course of the week were amazing, from the K’s to the 6’s there were innovative ideas, thoughtful questions and great suggestions in every session.


Thank you to our wonderful students and teachers for their participation and to our parents and carers for their support and willingness to get involved without Waste Wise commitments so far. Stay tuned for what comes next!


Also, don’t forget to visit our Recycling Hub facility in O’Connor block, where you can dispose of a variety of recyclables that do not fit in house hold recycling bins.

Check out some pics in our Photo Gallery.


Waste Wise regards,


Miss Alyssa Hutchinson