'Good Standing' Announced

In order to encourage students to better manage and control their own behaviour, the school will be adding the status of ‘Good Standing’ to our whole school BMIS in Term 2.

The rationale behind this addition is that the vast majority of students behave appropriately the vast majority of the time at school and these students deserve to be recognised.

A key aspect of the policy is that all students will begin each new term with ‘Good Standing’ and throughout the term, only students who hold ‘Good Standing’ will be eligible to attend school based activities such as school visits, excursions, interschool sporting events and special events such as the Whole School Term Reward.

A student’s ‘Good Standing’ may be revoked for misbehaviour which results in Detention or Suspension by the Admin team (Principal or Deputy Principal). The consequences of this are:

  • Detention (either recess and/or lunch on Admin dots) will result in two (2) weeks’ loss of ‘Good Standing’.
  • Suspension will result in four (4) weeks' loss of ‘Good Standing’.
Loss of ‘Good Standing’ consequences are cumulative, meaning that a student who receives Detention or Suspension while their ‘Good Standing’ is revoked, will receive additional time added to their loss of ‘Good Standing’ consequence.

As per our current BMIS procedures, parents will be notified via telephone or in writing if a student loses their 'Good Standing' and the consequences of this loss.  

The Principal or Deputy Principal have the discretion to modify the above process and consequences as per the context of the situation and needs of the student(s) involved.

To launch this new initiative, we will be holding a Whole School Movie Reward this week for all students from Kindy to Year 6. Details were sent home today and can be also be found here.   

Mr Paul Larkin