MPS Recycling Hub - Update

As part of the school’s ongoing commitment to teaching our students the importance of Recycling, Reusing and Reducing waste, we will be expanding existing programs and introducing brand new initiatives in Term 4.


Waste Free Wednesdays will continue for Term 4. We also encourage students to continue bringing their lunch in reusable containers and giving single use plastics the flick every day of the week!


To compliment our existing programs, the school will also be implementing a new program we call the ‘Recycling Hub’ with new colour coded bins to separate out waste such as plastics, paper, batteries, oral care products, etc and each teaching block managing the disposal of their own recyclable waste into the Recycling Hub.

Starting in Term 3 2019, we will also be collecting bread tags which will be donated to a charity who turn them into wheelchairs for kids.

There are some pics of beauty care waste we wil accept below and you can find more details of this great new program here!

Mr Larkin